At onsmart, we enable you to have your home at your fingertips, no matter where in the world you are. You control your home – heat and air conditioning, lighting, water leak detection, security, door locks and other devices – all day, every day. All you need is a WiFi network where the devices are installed.

How Does it Work?


An internet connection in your home is all you need. All devices are able to be connected through a single internet connection and controlled through a smartphone and voice assistance.

For Whom?


We focus our services primarily for homeowners who own or manage a inside and outside the home. Regardless of where you live, we offer products and services that put you in control.

What Do We Do?


Onsmart provides our customers with full hand of technology design and system installation experience to bring smart homes to life. We understand the challenges of  home automation and offer services to put owners or property managers in control of their most valuable assets.